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Endless Diane Franklin

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Actress: Diane Franklin



Year: 1983

Genre: Made For TV Thriller

Character: Cinnie (Sin with an E)

Traits: She’s a babysitter that starts out plain and winds up gorgeous, flirting with Barry Bostwick who’s married to Kim Darby, and then takes things to another level by killing their son’s jellyfish and having a midnight romp with dad.

Nag Rating: 9… She’s a killer, after all… Although she begins very friendly, almost timed.

The Best Part: When Kim Darby asks Cinny, “Where are the kids?” And Cinny responds, “I killed them,” in jest… but without cracking a smile.

You Missed: The fact this came out before THE HAND THAT ROCKED THE CRADLE. So we know who ripped off who. Therefore, Diane Franklin is the original crazy/sexy babysitter from hell! And she rocks this performance!!!

Diane Franklin in SUMMER GIRL

Diane Franklin in SUMMER GIRL

Diane Franklin in SUMMER GIRL

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