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Katie Karlovitz maids Creepshow’s Crate

Actress: Katie Karlovitz Project: CREEPSHOW Year: 1982 Genre: Horror Anthology (written by Stephen King and Directed by George A. Romero) Character: Maid Traits: She’s a maid, dressed just like one, … Continue reading

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Nancie Richards stuns The White Shadow

Actress: NANCIE RICHARDS Known For: A single cameo Project: The White Shadow Year: 1979 Genre: High School Sport Episode: We’re In The Money Character: Girl Dealer Traits: When four of the members of Carver … Continue reading

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Deena Freeman White Shadows Byron Stewart

Actress: DEENA FREEMAN Known For: Various Project: The White Shadow Year: 1980 Genre: High School Sport Episode: Coolidge Goes Hollywood Character: Script Girl Traits: The super-tall Center and fan-favorite of THE WHITE SHADOW was Byron Stewart as Warren “Cool” … Continue reading

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Shana Furlow is Tuesday on Beverly Hills 90210

Actress: SHANA FURLOW Known For: Various Project: Beverly Hills 90210 Year: 1991 Genre: Nighttime Teen Soap Episode: A Fling In Palm Springs Character: Tuesday Traits: Shana plays a hot hippie semi-goth named Tuesday who, a local in Palm Springs, … Continue reading

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Priscilla Barnes Also Nurses Columbo

Actress: PRISCILLA BARNES Known For: Three’s Company Project: COLUMBO Year: 1975 Genre: Crime Mystery Episode: A Deadly State of Mind Character: Nurse Traits: Another nurse from Columbo, this one, unlike Susan Damante in … Continue reading

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Susan Damante Nurses Columbo

Actress: SUSAN DAMANTE Known For: Adventures of the Wilderness Family Project: COLUMBO Year: 1975 Genre: Crime Mystery Episode: Troubled Waters Character: Melissa Traits: A nurse on a cruise ship, Susan is the ultimate Florence … Continue reading

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Emily Hone in Evil Under The Sun

Actress: Emily Hone Known For: Evil Under The Sun Project: Evil Under The Sun Year: 1982 Genre: Mystery Thriller Character: Linda Marshall Traits: Linda is the daughter of a rich man who marries … Continue reading

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