Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

Fran Brill investigates in Being There

Actress: Fran Brill Project: BEING THERE Year: 1979 Genre: Comedy Drama Character: Sally Hayes Traits: Lawyer partner of David Clennon, Brill’s Sally may just know that Chance Gardner, played by … Continue reading

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Valerie Wildman brushes through Internal Affairs

Actress: Valerie Wildman Project: INTERNAL AFFAIRS Year: 1990 Genre: Crime Thriller Character: May Traits: Art Gallery co-worker of Nancy Travis, Travis the wife of Andy Garcia, who is investigating a … Continue reading

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Susan Forristal creams Electra Glide & Blue

Actress: Susan Forristal Project: ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE Year: 1973 Genre: Cult Crime Drama Character: Ice Cream Girl Traits: Susan, wearing red, is tall, pretty, and a short Robert Blake … Continue reading

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Mystery Girl in Judgment at Nuremberg

Actress: Unknown Project: JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG Year: 1961 Genre: Historical Courtroom Drama Character: Girl at Sausage Stand Traits: When American judge Spencer Tracy is getting a sausage an an outdoor … Continue reading

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Kristin Graziano phones in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Actress: Kristin Graziano Project: FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF  Year: 1986 Genre: Comedy Character: Shermanite Traits: Talks on the campus payphone to Matthew Broderick’s title character, thinking he’s sick. NAG RATING: … Continue reading

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Suzanne von Schaack parties in Tootsie

Actress: Suzanne von Schaack Project: TOOTSIE Year: 1982 Genre: Comedy Character: Party Girl Traits: Reminds womanizing director Ron (Dabney Coleman) who she is: obviously they once hooked up. NAG RATING: … Continue reading

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Jules Dean in Planes, TRAINS & Automobiles

Actress: Jules Dean Project: PLANES, TRAINS & AUTOMOBILES Year: 1987 Genre: Road Comedy Character: Holiday Traveler Traits: Cute teen sitting next to Steve Martin as he’s happy on the train, … Continue reading

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More Tennis Girl from The Exorcist

Actress: Unknown Project: THE EXORCIST Year: 1973 Genre: Horror Character: Girl Playing Tennis Traits: As the cop (Lee J. Cobb as Lt. Kinderman) and priest (Jason Miller as Father Karris) … Continue reading

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Caroline Patz waits on Breaking Bad

Actress: Caroline Patz Project: BREAKING BAD Episode: Confessions Year: 2013 Genre: Crime Thriller Character: Waitress Traits: Cute waitress checked out by Uncle Jack and his minions. NAG RATING: 0… Just … Continue reading

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Trine Christensen on Breaking Bad

Actress: Trine Christensen Project: BREAKING BAD Episode: Madrigal Year: 2012 Genre: Crime Thriller Character: Ms. Tromel Traits: Beautiful secretary of the German company that backed Gus Fring’s meth operation, Ms. … Continue reading

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