Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

Pam Kenneally Skates

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Actress: Pam Kenneally



Year: 1978

Genre: Motion Picture

Character: Randi

Traits: The token “fox” of the skateboarding team (mind you, the more athletic tomboy Ellen O’Neal is no slouch), Randi isn’t much of a skater but has beautiful long hair, a deliberate pout, and the team’s ringer is madly love with her. After all, who wouldn’t be?

Nag Rating: 4… She’s a bit smug. But maybe that’s just her age.

The Best Part: When she sits on her bed, her legs are showing.

You Missed: When the coach, Manny, played by a tubby Allen Garfield, lectures her on birth control inside her motel room, he comes across as a frustrated pervert, and not in that order.

Pam Kenneally in SKATEBOARD

Pam Kenneally (w/ Allen Garfield) in SKATEBOARD


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Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

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