Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

Joanne Linville Sparks Spock


Actress: JOANNE LINVILLE Known for: STAR TREK Projects: STAR TREK: THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT Year: 1968 (Season 3) Genre: Classic Televisio Character: Romulan Commander Traits: As the tough female Commander of a Romulan warship, Linville displays a steadily sturdy prowess as a leader with an ace in the hole i.e. a cloaking device that could help destroy the Enterprise, and this is mixed with a sensual vulnerability as she really wants to land Spock as a boyfriend. Nag Rating: 6… She’s a villain, so that gives her an automatic nag rating as she, overall, wields villainous power, but she’s actually quite alluring and sweet, deep down, and even whispers her real name in Spock’s ear whilst getting him drunk. The Best Part: When she gets into something more comfortable, turning from a “soldier” into a sexy vixen. You Missed: Joanne is the first really strong female character to head a Star Trek Starship… Sure, she’s on the wrong side, but no matter…

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Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

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