Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed…

One Hit Lisa Baur

Picture 1 Actress: LISA BAUR Known for: ANIMAL HOUSE Project: ANIMAL HOUSE Year: 1978 Genre: Classic Comedy Film Character: Shelly Dubinsky Traits: Tim Matheson’s crafty womanizer, Eric “Otter” Stratten, unnamed leader of the Delta House fraternity in Faber College, takes to the road with his friends and pulls a creative stunt to… get some. Pretending to be the boyfriend of a girl named Fawn Lebowitz, who was killed a few days earlier in a Kiln explosion, Otter, using the sympathy card, lands Fawn’s sexy room mate Shelly Dubinsky, played by Lisa Baur, who was only in NATIONAL LAMPOON’S ANIMAL HOUSE and nothing after, a real shame because Lisa is a genuine hottie and a great actress. Nag Rating: 1… She’s not bitchy, she’s very nice, very giving… But naive as a lost kitten. Best Part: Close-ups of Lisa… Who stands alone in a movie full of beauties. You Missed: Lisa appeared in an episode of CHARLIE’S ANGELS as a (this is no surprise) beauty pageant contestant… We’ll look for some pictures… And now she makes candles Down Under, or something… PART 2 OF LISA BAUR PICS: Click Here…Picture 1 Picture 10 Picture 11 Picture 12 Picture 14 Picture 15 Picture 16 Picture 17 Picture 18

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Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed...

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