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Joan Murphy Serves Midnight Cowboy

Joan Murphy Midnight Cowboy

Joan Murphy in Midnight Cowboy

Actress: JOAN MURPHY Known for: MIDNIGHT COWBOY Project: MIDNIGHT COWBOY Year: 1969 Genre: Drama Character: Waitress Traits: Jon Voight’s Joe Buck has been through the mill… Having traveled from Texas to New York with the hopes to be a successful gigolo, he winds up ripped off by high society gold-digger Sylvia Miles, in a homosexual hookup with Bob Balaban and eventually taking care of crippled con man Ratso, played by Dustin Hoffman, who wants badly to go to Florida… And as luck, or bad luck, would have it, Ratso eventually gets his wish when Joe gets the money for a bus trip… The duo head south and, while in the Orange State, Joe meets Joan Murphy’s beautiful brunette diner waitress, credited simply as Waitress, who says “Well I hope you have a good time in Florida” with a lovely smile right before the film’s conclusion…


Nag Rating: 0… She’s very nice, and deserves a big tip… More than she probably got from Joe… Best Part: The scene lasts under a minute… So everything about Joan’s cameo is awesome and lovely… You Missed: Joan Murphy turned up in several other movies in small parts including THE BAND OF THE HAND, which uses a Bob Dylan song in the soundtrack… Dylan’s LAY LADY LAY was supposed to be in MIDNIGHT COWBOY but EVERYBODY’S TALKIN’ AT ME by Harry Nilsson was chosen instead: a track that plays throughout Joan’s brief but memorable scene… VIDEO: Thanks for the reply below for info about the Miami Beach Tourism video featuring Joan… She’s the third of three women in the beginning and then appears throughout.

2 comments on “Joan Murphy Serves Midnight Cowboy

  1. Michelangelo
    August 18, 2014

    Joan Murphy can be seen in a 1970 Miami Beach tourism video titled “Color Me Fun”. Joan stars as “Blue” with two other starlets, Julia Haynes (Red) and Diane Squires (Yellow). Check it out on the YouTube.

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