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Kay Frye Books Burt


Actress: KAY FRYE

Known for: SHAMUS

Project: SHAMUS

Year: 1973

Genre: Neo Noir

Character: Bookstore Girl

Traits: In a scene taken from Bogey’s THE BIG SLEEP, Burt Reynolds, as a roving private eye named Shamus McCoy, goes to a bookstore and meets a spectacle-wearing hottie that Shamus describes to himself as, “healthy,” being how she’s very full chested… They wind up having sex, and Kay, even though she’s played down as a geek, is probably the hottest girl in the picture…

Nag Rating: 0… She’s very giving… Check her out anytime…

Best Part: Her tight shirt…

You Missed: Most of the parts Kay had in other films were cameos… But we will keep a private eye out for more photos of his lost starlet… Especially since she had a recurring role on the horror soap DARK SHADOWS…

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