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Hail Heroine Deborah Winters



Known for: CLASS OF ’44

Project: HAIL, HERO!

Year: 1969

Genre: Counter-Culture Flick

Character: Becky

Traits: One of Cult Film Freak’s personal favorite starlets, Deborah Winters, the same year she played an acid-tripping teen alongside fictional father Eli Wallach in THE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR appeared with a non-famous Michael Douglas in HAIL, HERO, a counter-culture odyssey about an “enlightened” hippie college student returning to his conservative roots wherein he meets Winter’s Becky, a gorgeous horse-riding blonde, at a rural lake, and finds out she has dated his brother played by RICH MAN POOR MAN actor Peter Strauss… All this means little to the plot, but Deborah, adorable throughout, is one good reason to find this title on bootleg DVD wherein these not entirely perfect but still lovely photos were taken…

Nag Rating: 0… She’s a young, blonde free-spirit… Nothing wrong there…

Best Part: When Becky takes a swim in suitable attire…

You Missed: Of course we all know that Michael Douglas is the son of superstar Kirk Douglas, but he’s not alone since Deb’s mom, Penny Edwards, was an actress who appeared in tons of old school motion pictures and TV shows…

Media: While most of these photos are exclusive to this site, and the ones here are more cleaned up and less flawed, several, including some of Douglas himself, also appear on the main movie review/interview blog post about HAIL, HERO!


Picture Gallery of Deborah Winters in HAIL HERO

d1 d2 d3 d4 d5 d6 d9 d11 d15 d16 d18 d66

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