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Vicki Frederick Steals All The Marbles


Actress: Vicki Frederick Known for: …ALL THE MARBLES Project: …ALL THE MARBLES Year: 1981 Genre: Road Trip Comedy/Sport Flick Character: Iris Traits: Iris, played by the voluptuous Vicki Frederick, is one of two female wrestlers on the road with sleazy yet endearing promoter Peter Falk as Harry, and we’re supposed to believe the gorgeous Amazon is in lustful love with the swarthy shrimp but disbelief must be stretched, and despite somewhat wrongful casting of the male lead, Vicki turned in a great performance, stealing scenes from not only Falk but the iconic Burt Young, another sleazebag Iris beds down when not wrestling like a real pro… Nag Rating: 4… She’s a bit of a whiner, and backstabs her boss… But she has her reasons, and sticks to her guns… Best Part: Vicki’s body in wrestling leotards… But that lovely face is also tops… You Missed: Along with acting, Vicki was also a dancer, appearing in A CHORUS LINE… She then went onto exploitation fare such as ZOMBIE CHICKS IN CHOPPER TOWN and STEWARDESS SCHOOL… Alas though, her career ended with a cameo in CHAPLIN, and we were robbed of a sublime cinematic beauty… Where is she now, you ask? Great question!


Photo Gallery of Vicki Frederick in …ALL THE MARBLES

m2 m4 m5 m8 m9 m11 m12 m14 m15 m18

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Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

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