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Marin Kanter Sexy Species

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Actress: MARIN KANTER Known for: THE FABULOUS STAINS Project: ENDANGERED SPECIES Year: 1982 Genre: Sci-Fi Eco-Thriller Character: Mackenzie Castle Traits: Marin Kanter plays the tomboy daughter of edgy city cop Robert Urich, who moves to a small town for a mellow change. But within a day, Kanter’s rebellious young Mackenzie winds up trying to screw a hick deputy, crashes into a cop car and gets kidnapped by a militia that mutilates cattle for mysterious reasons. Nag Rating: 7… She pouts and bitches and moans… But looks adorable doing so. Best Part: When the boyish Mack gets sexy with her beau. You Missed: Marin only appeared in a few projects total. A shame.

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