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Kelle Kerr Boosts The Boost (with Interview)


Kelle Kerr as Rochelle in THE BOOST

Actress: KELLE KERR Project: THE BOOST Year: 1988 Genre: Drug Abuse Drama Character: Rochelle Traits: In perhaps one of James Woods’ best performances, he’s a coked-up salesman who has more ups and downs then a pogo stick ridden by a kangaroo… Especially after losing his job and meeting blow-snorting Joel Miller played by John Kapelos and his extremely moody girlfriend, Rochelle… And in this scene-stealing role, actress Kelle Kerr plays a bitch to the hilt and really shines… You’ll hate her character at first and then think she’s completely awesome: she simply doesn’t hold back anything! Nag Rating: 9… That’s right, the full 9 nag yards, she’s pretty damn feisty, especially loaded or needing to be more-so: although Rochelle winds up being the only person with a brain when Sean Young’s character Linda, who is pregnant, falls down a beach staircase… That scene is mentioned in the interview below…


THE BOOST Interview with actress Kelle Kerr

How was it working with co-stars John Kapelos and star James Woods?

John was great and James was a very giving actor. Always with you, acting even on your cover shots!

Love your scenes at the beach, when you alone call for help, smashing the lifeguard station window to get to the phone after Sean Young’s character falls down the stairs, pregnant on cocaine… any memories?

The scenes at the beach and in the hospital were actually my favorites too. Most authentic, particularly breaking up the fight because James was really going for it… I can’t remember how we broke the glass! That’s funny! Just remember the looping for it!


Breakout scene with Kelle Kerr


Results in a smashing success

The director was Harold Becker, quite underrated, what’s he like? And do you think this movie is still relevant?

Harold was great, very supportive and trusting of your instincts. The film is pre-WOLF OF WALL STREET, so obviously the story is still relevant, the crazy power, money-driven masters of the universe and drugs that fuel those delusions.

Sum up THE BOOST in a nutshell…

It was a fantastic and exhilarating experience! I was never lucky enough to get cast in another movie, which was disappointing, but I feel so fortunate to have experienced that one.


James Woods, Kelle Kerr, John Kapelos and Sean Young in THE BOOST


Kelle Kerr with Greg Deason in THE BOOST


“Good, go home… Goodbye, goodnight, get f—–!”

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