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Dick, Columbo & JoAnna Cameron


JoAnna Cameron with Dick Van Dyke on COLUMBO

Actress: JOANNA CAMERON Known for: THE SECRETS OF ISIS Project: COLUMBO Year: 1974 Episode: Negative Reaction Genre: Crime Mystery Character: Lorna McGrath Traits: In a fourth season episode, Dick Van Dyke plays a famous photographer who hires ex-convict Don Gordon to purchase a rural cabin that Dick uses to kill his “kidnapped” wife in and… to make a long story short, he pulled off one helluva perfect double-murder that only the “shaggy terrier” Lt. Columbo, portrayed brilliantly by Peter Falk, could figure out while JoAnna Cameron is Dick’s sexy secretary who he’s planning an out-of-country trip with, part of the reason his nagging unattractive wife had to go: As often happens on COLUMBO dealing with high class culprits, JoAnna’s the trophy girlfriend who makes the killer seem more shallow, and guilty. The Best Part: There are so many looks to JoAnna, she is often hard to recognize until the realization that it’s her, one of the most naturally beautiful vixens ever, a cross between Victoria Principal, Jane Seymour and… you choose: And yet JoAnna, billed here as Joanna without that big A, stands completely on her own, always. You Missed: Cameron starred in her own TV series that made Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman seem like The Avengers… THE SECRETS OF ISIS is a pricey DVD but oh what glorious cult fare, and pretty good stories to curb the camp.

Dick Van Dyke sheds crocodile tears & gains a trophy


JoAnna Cameron on COLUMBO


JoAnna Cameron on COLUMBO


Peter Falk with JoAnna Cameron and Dick Van Dyke


“Oh, and just one more thing…”


Dick Van Dyke can’t shake Columbo off his bad leg

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Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

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