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Sad Farewell to June Fairchild


June Fairchild in Jack Nicholson’s DRIVE HE SAID

TRIBUTE: One of our finest favorite Cinema Starlets passed away recently, and she previously headlined a post celebrating her photos from PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW, actress JUNE FAIRCHILD, who appeared in a string of films ranging from zesty exploitation to counterculture comedy mainstream action. For a full tribute go to the SKULL ISLAND SURFER site, and here are a few captures to share of the lovely June, who was always a bridesmaid never a bride in the eclectic projects spanning two turbulent decades, but she stood out above the rest… and now soars like an angel. You can LIKE her Facebook Fan Page or give to her Fund-Me Memorial.


June in the back in WHERE ANGELS GO TROUBLE FOLLOWS circa 1960’s


June Fairchild with Henry Jaglom in DRIVE HE SAID


THUNDERBOLT & LIGHTFOOT w/ Eastwood, Bridges & Daisy Duke


With Cheryl Smith and Stacy Keach in UP IN SMOKE


Snorting Ajax as Ajax Lady in UP IN SMOKE


June Fairchild hitches in DIRTY O’NEIL

One comment on “Sad Farewell to June Fairchild

  1. Dawna Soddes
    February 21, 2015

    My dearly departed Ditto Sister, Junie. I miss her and love her with all my heart. Thanks for doing a nice write up on her. She deserves that! She was also a prolific writer. Her autobiography will knock your socks off!!!

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