Cinema Starlets

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June Fairchild in Drive He Said


June Fairchild with William Tepper in DRIVE HE SAID

Actress: JUNE FAIRCHILD Known for: UP IN SMOKE Project: DRIVE HE SAID Year: 1971 Genre: Counter-Culture Character: Sylvie Traits: June Fairchild, who passed away last week, and one of our favorite Cinema Starlets, appears in Jack Nicholson’s directorial debut, DRIVE HE SAID, as a hippie college student who writes the F-word on her forehead and, when she’s not cheer-leading campus basketball games, makes funny faces and noises that would later morph into her Ajax Lady from Cheech & Chong’s UP IN SMOKE, shown in the video and photos below the quote about June Fairchild’s passing from DRIVE HE SAID star, William Tepper. Nag Rating: 0… Sylvie is all smiles. Best Part: Watching June as a cheerleader. You Missed: June Fairchild appeared (twice) on THE MONKEES television show and their movie, HEAD, written by Jack Nicholson who directed DRIVE HE SAID.


William Tepper & June Fairchild in DRIVE HE SAID

WILLIAM TEPPER ON JUNE FAIRCHILD: During the time I knew June she was such a light spirit, sweet, funny and fun. Was sad to hear that this extremely appealing woman of such good cheer had such a difficult time in recent years. If there is music in anything that approximates heaven, June will be dancing to it.


William Tepper & June Fairchild in DRIVE HE SAID


Man covers June’s mouth in DRIVE HE SAID


June Fairchild in DRIVE HE SAID


June Fairchild makes a familiar face in DRIVE HE SAID


A face and noise she’d make legendary in UP IN SMOKE


June Fairchild as Sylvie the Cheerleader in DRIVE HE SAID


Rest In Peace to the Lovely June Fairchild


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Cinema Starlets

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