Cinema Starlets

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Katey Sagal on a 1973 Columbo


Katey Sagal and Peter Falk on COLUMBO

Actress: KATEY SAGAL Known for: MARRIED…WITH CHILDREN Year: 1973 Project: COLUMBO Episode: Candidate for Crime Genre: Detective Mystery Character: Helen the Secretary Traits: First off, Katey is, in the end credits, billed merely as Secretary, and that’s what she is: working on the front desk for Jackie C00per’s murdering politician who rids of a pesky campaign manager, played by “Fox Face” from BLESS THE BEASTS AND CHILDREN, Ken Swofford… In one moment, Cooper’s character says her name and that’s more information than even imdb has, so there! The Best Part: When Helen steps up to a prissy suit-maker, who says he can only hand the suit to his client… She grabs it and proves her worth, and also answers a few unimportant but overall necessary questions by Peter Falk’s Columbo, who badgers classy killers until they’re caught. You Missed: A case of nepotism here: Katey’s father, Boris Sagal, directed the episode along with many other television projects including RICH MAN POOR MAN. He died accidentally walking into the blades of a helicopter… Odd that, with such a pretty daughter (looking a sort of rougher version of Lee Purcell here), she didn’t have a bigger part in this particularly good episode of the iconic series where there’s always “One More Thing.” But Katey, who struggled as a singer for many years, and whose name can be seen on a marquee in VALLEY GIRL, starred in the immensely popular TV series noted above, and now is part of SONS OF ANARCHY. Talk about outshining dad… and then some!


Katey Sagal with Peter Falk and a futzy guy on COLUMBO


Jackie Cooper, Peter Falk and Katey Sagal on COLUMBO


Katey Sagal shows who’s front desk boss


Jackie Cooper with Katey Sagal


Similar to the main pic but more of Katey’s long legs


The first we see of Katie on this episode, to the right


Katey Sagal and Peter Falk on COLUMBO: CANDIDATE FOR CRIME

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The Beauties You Might Have Missed

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