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Anne Whitfield Woos Robert Redford on Tate


Anne Whitfield and Robert Redford in an episode of TATE

Actress: ANNE WHITFIELD Known for: Random Stuff Year: 1960 Project: TATE Episode: Comanche Scalps Genre: Western Character: Lucy Traits: Beautiful young girl who somehow fell in love with an even younger pretty boy pre-fame Robert Redford instead of a thick-lipped average looking man playing Redford’s older brother, who, with a grudge, is set to kill his blond sibling for “wooing his gal” while the show’s title character, a one-armed gunfighter named Tate, watches this vengeful man, an old friend, every step of the way: the most suspense occurring between them. The Best Part: The last act, which includes a gorgeous Ann Whitfield and for the ladies, Robert Redford, who appears in several episodes… But the standout is the actor playing the lead Indian… Leonard Nimoy! You Missed: Despite her beautiful face, alas, Anne seems to have appeared only on some television stuff… Making Redford the most intriguing aspect here, yet he’s no starlet. Not really. But the coolest thing is, for yours truly, James M. Tate, to have actually discovered a show with the same last name, and hearing all the special guests, ranging from Redford to Warren Oates to Louise Fletcher (who Cult Film Freak Interviewed) to James Coburn to Robert Culp, all saying, usually with a bitter growl, “Tate,” over and over, while one man asks: “Is that an Irish name?” while Tate responds, “Scottish.” Thus the writers actually studied thy name through and through!

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Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

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