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Sherri Stoner Guns The Original V Series


Sherri Stoner aims on V: THE SERIES

Actress: SHERRI STONER Known For: VARIOUS Project: V: THE SERIES Year: 1984 Genre: Science Fiction Episode: The Champion Character: Jessie Traits: As the TV Series after two miniseries, V became more rural from its original urban setting, and Sherri plays the daughter of a beautiful rebel on horseback in a small town run by a crooked sheriff; and daughter is even more into killing aliens than mom. Nag Rating: 3… Her lust for attacking the Lizard Visitors puts the other characters in jeopardy, including Marc Singer, whom she has a mad crush on. Best Part: Whenever Sherri uses a gun, smiles, or both. You Missed: Sherri provided her body for Arial in the classic Disney cartoon THE LITTLE MERMAID.


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