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Julie Cobb cheats on Salem’s Lot


Julie Cobb in the television miniseries SALEM’S LOT

Actress: Julie Cobb Known For: SMALL WONDER Project: SALEM’S LOT Year: 1979 Genre: Horror MiniSeries Character: Bonnie Sawyer Traits: In this Stephen King adapted miniseries directed by TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE icon Tobe Hooper, the characters are more intriguing than the ghouls: One in particular is cute as a button – Julie Cobb’s Bonnie works in Fred Willard’s Real Estate Office and is having an affair, with him, behind the back of her moody husband, played by DEER HUNTER nice guy barkeep George Dzunda, who’s anything but here, and for good reason: he knows full well that his wife’s whoring around (meanwhile, it’s confusing as to why she’d be married to such a fat slob to begin with).


Julie Cobb sets up the cuckold on SALEM’S LOT

Nag Rating: 6… She’s very nice at first, sweet, it seems, and extremely flirtatious, even to newcomer… and the show’s star… David Soul, but then, when the tables turn, turns on her lover when caught by her gun-wielding husband: blaming Willard’s dumbfounded Larry Crockett for trying to rape her. Best Part: Well the thing about Julie is, she’s very cute, in a quirky kinda way, as if Edie McClurg, the chubby secretary from FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF (and more befitting this title, the fat girl bully in King’s CARRIE) had a surprisingly hot little sister: Julie’s actually more attractive dressed down than up – the girl next door in a neighborhood you’ll wanna live. You Missed: Julie played one of those doomed from the start (for not being a regular) side-characters on the original STAR TREK who, upon landing on a remote planet, is turned into a chalky cube of some sort, and then, later, gets stomped on by the villain: a unexplainably severe and horrifying, subtle-nightmarish death, sans any bloodshed.

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