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Emily Hone in Evil Under The Sun


Actress: Emily Hone Known For: Evil Under The Sun Project: Evil Under The Sun Year: 1982 Genre: Mystery Thriller Character: Linda Marshall Traits: Linda is the daughter of a rich man who marries a real bitch who winds up the unluckiest person in this Agatha Christie adapted followup to DEATH ON THE NILE with Peter Ustinov returning as Hercule Poirot. NAG RATING: 8… but she’s at that ‘mad at everything’ age, just hitting her teen years, and is surrounded by jerks, pretty much. BEST PART: The subtle, talented Emily around a troupe of fantastic actors including Roddy McDowall, Sylvia Miles, Jane Berkin, James Mason, Maggie Smith and Diana Rigg. YOU MISSED: In a way, Emily plays the most important character since she’s used by the killer as an alibi.


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