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Britt Lind bewitches How the West Was Won


Britt Lind How The West Was Won Britt Lind Erika Hanks How The West Was Won Brit Lind

Actress: Britt Lind Project: How The West Was Won Known For: Play Misty for Me Year: 1976 Genre: Western TV Series Episode: Erika Character: Erika Hanks Traits: When Bruce Boxleitner, who plays escaped Civil War deserter Luke Macahan (nephew of James Arness, whose series Gunsmoke just ended after a twenty-year run) on the series, How the West Was Won, originally titled The Macahans, helps a pretty religious girl from being attacked, he’s shot off his horse, injured and nursed by the same beauty, Erika Hanks, that he’d saved by, ironically, going against her religion in wielding violence in the first place. Nag Rating: 0. She’s perfect looking, and sweet; although mostly having to do with her extreme religion that’s so passive, and thus, in this era cutthroat cowboy era, dangerous. Best Part: As her character unwinds from uptight prairie lass to a sexy, but still purposefully toned-down, future and literally short-lived wife of Boxleitner, mostly known as the title character from Tron. You Missed: She played a friend of Clint Eastwood’s lady-love in Play Misty For Me, but she should have been the ingenue: she’s pretty and talented enough, making it a letdown since most of her credits were random TV appearances from Emergency to Kojak to Starsky and Hutch to the (the 90’s) Columbo: and she’s been credited as Brit Lind with a single T, like on this very show where we rediscovered her.


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