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Tara Fellner slain thanks to Green Ice


Tara Fellner Green Ice Tara Fellner Green Ice Kerry Anne Archer’s Sister

Actress: Tara Fellner Project: GREEN ICE Year: 1981 Genre: Neo Noir Adventure Character: Kerry Traits: An American hippie hiking with local Columbians in their jungle terrain country is, it turns out while rudely searched by officials, smuggling emeralds (hence the title) in her canteen. NAG RATING: 4… She’s irritated, but then quickly frightened, and then shot in the heart, and dead. BEST PART: Though it’s never a good thing when good people die in movies, these so-called revolutionaries are so dimwitted they kinda deserve what’s coming to them: just a shame that a cute chick like Tara’s Kerry has such an ugly boyfriend: she kisses a short Neanderthal-looking local before he heads off in another direction, and, later on, winds up turning a pretty good movie into a preachy, liberal mess as part of the ultimate heist the movie’s centered around, seeking revenge for the peril he himself put our lovely blond-babe in in the first place. YOU MISSED: Tara’s character is the sister of Anne Archer… Tara is actually credited as “Kerry, Holbrook’s Sister.” Archer, in 1977 despite the movie’s belated 1981 release (the same year Tara appeared in KING OF THE MOUNTAIN), is our stock ingenue who hires ambiguous maverick Ryan O’Neal to find her sister; but like all fortune hunters, he has big money in mind, and evil Omar Sheriff has it in… GREEN ICE, one of two films that makes up Tara’s complete actress resume.

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