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Vikki Dougan Backs Karl Malden in Hotel


Vikki Dougan in HOTEL (1967)

Actress: Vikki Dougan Project: HOTEL Year: 1967 Genre: Drama Character: B-Girl Traits: Vikki Dougan plays a B-Girl in a strip joint where professional thief Karl Malden is hanging out, looking for exactly what he finds: A deal with Dougan, who sets up a drunk salesman by getting his key for the titular HOTEL; she sells it to Malden for $42 bucks. NAG RATING: 7… She’s a naughty b-girl to begin with, but is a tease as well, and kind of bitchy: although her twist screwing-over of Malden is something he deserved (though she’s nowhere in sight when revealed). BEST PART: Seeing her terrific figure, especially that legendary… YOU MISSED: Vikki Dougan was niche-famous as a controversial model in the 1950’s for wearing a backless dress in society and/or industry parties. Her nickname was “The Back” because of this dress that would, revealing her back, ride down to the beginning of her amble butt, and would thus crack a wonderful, iconic smile. And while Jessica Rabbit from WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? is facially Veronica Lake, especially the peekaboo bangs, the body and that backless dress was inspired by Vikki Dougan aka “The Back” who had only a few movie roles, and HOTEL, starring Rod Taylor (who doesn’t share a scene, but mentions the “B-Girl Scam” when the robbed salesman, played by Tol Avery, complains), is one of her last roles, and perhaps the most obscure (and being a decade past her heyday… girls were wearing much less by then). Media: Cult Film Freak Review.

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