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Suzanne Savoy twice on Better Call Saul


Suzanne Savoy on Better Call Saul episode Something Stupid

Actress: Suzanne Savoy Project: BETTER CALL SAUL Episodes: Inflatable (S2), Something Stupid (S4) Years: 2016-2018 Genre: Crime Prequel Serial Character: Perry Trivedi Traits: As a top associate from the law firm Schweikart and Cokely, she first listens to Kim Wexler’s backstory during an unofficial job interview; and then listens to Kim’s boyfriend and albatross, and the show’s titular anti-hero, Jimmy McGill trying to make an ass of her otherwise genuine, sincere and friendly boss (Dennis Boutsikaris of THE DREAM TEAM niche fame) at a company party. NAG RATING: 2… She’s nice, you can tell, but her classy looks and sophisticated demeanor obviously has Jimmy thinking she’s a “condescending snob” Kim is too good for; after all, his motive is dragging Kim down to his level.  BEST PART: Since they hid Suzanne in partial darkness in the first episode, seeing her in a brighter light was great. YOU MISSED: Suzanne, who in these episodes resembles a cross between Sigourney Weaver and Diane Keaton (only cuter), is the oldest entry on Cinema Starlets: proof that age doesn’t matter. And going back: Her first role was as “Brunette” in the 1988 Dennis Hopper movie RIDERS ON THE STORM (aka AMERICAN MADE). We’ll have to look out for a “younger her” in this, and other movies. She’s a classic beauty.

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