Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

Tammy Alverson idolizes The Idolmaker


Tammy Alverson as Sheila in The Idolmaker

Actress: Tammy Alverson Project: THE IDOLMAKER Year: 1980 Genre: Drama Music Character: Sheila Traits: The cute teenager girl at the young non-famous but almost-famous 1950’s  rock star’s concert (promoted by titular Ray Sharkey) who he centers on while on stage, then tries to make it with her in his car. NAG RATING: 3… She’s a tease, and breaks-down, but is pretty young: pretty and young, so her tantrum can be forgiven, and understood. BEST PART: Her face: the prettiest face ever, straight on. YOU MISSED: This is one of those Cinema Starlets we’re not one-hundred percent on… In the movie, Paul Land’s character calls her “Tammy,” which is what her real first name is, but she’s billed as “Sheila,” and there is no other Sheila mentioned in the movie, so it’s the only person she can be, so… let’s hope it’s she.

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Cinema Starlets

The Beauties You Might Have Missed

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