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Karen Kopins Rules Jake Speed

Actress: KAREN KOPINS Known For: ONCE BITTEN Project: JAKE SPEED Year: 1986 Genre: Comedy Adventure Character: Margaret Winston Traits: After her sister is kidnapped in New York City, Karen is taken on an overseas adventure … Continue reading

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Karen Green 2 of 2: Kitchen Zebra

Actress: KAREN GREEN Known For: THE CROWDED SKY Project: ZEBRA IN THE KITCHEN Year: 1965 Genre: Children Comedy Character: Wilma Carlyle Traits: Karen plays Wilma, the cousin of DENNIS THE MENICE Jay North’s character who … Continue reading

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Karen Green 1 of 2: Crowded Sky

Actress: KAREN GREEN Known For: ZEBRA IN THE KITCHEN Project: THE CROWDED SKY Year: 1960 Genre: Disaster/Suspense Character: Ann Heath Traits: Pre-Teen daughter of jet fighter pilot and Korean War veteran Efrem Zimbalist … Continue reading

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Laurie Holden Rocks Martian Chronicles

Actress: LAURIE HOLDEN Known For: THE WALKING DEAD Project: THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES Year: 1980 Genre: Science-Fiction Episode: THE MARTIANS Character: Marie Wilder Traits: Kind of a bratty kid, in a normal way, daughter of Rock … Continue reading

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Jill Banner Doubles on Dragnet

Actress: JILL BANNER Known For: SPIDER-BABY Project: DRAGNET 1970 Year: 1969 Genre: DETECTIVE NOIR Episode: DHQ: MISSING PERSON Character: Shirley Lawson Traits: A teenage girl is missing from her high school, and Jack Webb’s Friday … Continue reading

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Sherri Stoner Guns The Original V Series

Actress: SHERRI STONER Known For: VARIOUS Project: V: THE SERIES Year: 1984 Genre: Science Fiction Episode: The Champion Character: Jessie Traits: As the TV Series after two miniseries, V became more rural from its original urban setting, and Sherri … Continue reading

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Viveka Davis Goads Reptilan on V2

Actress:  VIVEKA DAVIS Known For: VARIOUS Project: V: THE FINAL BATTLE Year: 1984 Genre: Science Fiction TV Miniseries Character: Polly Traits: The pretty blond Viveka is the little sister of Blair Tefken’s character, who, impregnated by … Continue reading

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