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Denice Harlow Bottoms Rollercoaster

Actress: Denice Harlow Known For: Only This Cameo Project: ROLLERCOASTER Year: 1977 Genre: Disaster Thriller Character: Hertz Girl Traits: Denice plays the Hertz rental car girl at the airport who flirts with Timothy Bottoms, … Continue reading

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Mary Linda Rapelye In Cold Blood

Actress: Mary Linda Rapelye Known For: ONE LIFE TO LIVE Project: IN COLD BLOOD Year: 1967 Genre: True Crime Character: Susan Kidwell Traits: In the novel written by Truman Capote, the best friend of … Continue reading

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Julie Cobb cheats on Salem’s Lot

Actress: Julie Cobb Known For: SMALL WONDER Project: SALEM’S LOT Year: 1979 Genre: Horror MiniSeries Character: Bonnie Sawyer Traits: In this Stephen King adapted miniseries directed by TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE icon Tobe Hooper, … Continue reading

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Angelina Jolie is Lookin’ To Get dad Out

Actress: ANGELINA JOLIE Known For: GIA, Being Brad Pitt’s (Ex) Wife Project: LOOKIN’ TO GET OUT Year: 1982 Genre: Gambling Comedy Action Character: Tasha Traits: Before Angelina Jolie, one of the most famous, and beautiful, women … Continue reading

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Karen Kopins Rules Jake Speed

Actress: KAREN KOPINS Known For: ONCE BITTEN Project: JAKE SPEED Year: 1986 Genre: Comedy Adventure Character: Margaret Winston Traits: After her sister is kidnapped in New York City, Karen is taken on an overseas adventure … Continue reading

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Karen Green 2 of 2: Kitchen Zebra

Actress: KAREN GREEN Known For: THE CROWDED SKY Project: ZEBRA IN THE KITCHEN Year: 1965 Genre: Children Comedy Character: Wilma Carlyle Traits: Karen plays Wilma, the cousin of DENNIS THE MENICE Jay North’s character who … Continue reading

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Karen Green 1 of 2: Crowded Sky

Actress: KAREN GREEN Known For: ZEBRA IN THE KITCHEN Project: THE CROWDED SKY Year: 1960 Genre: Disaster/Suspense Character: Ann Heath Traits: Pre-Teen daughter of jet fighter pilot and Korean War veteran Efrem Zimbalist … Continue reading

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